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Exporting registrant information to csv or excel


Is there a way to export registrant information in a csv or excel format post meeting? 



Yes. Account Management>>Reports>>Meeting/Webinar>>Registration Report. Find the meeting/webinar you want the report for and click "Generate" on the far right of the screen. Once the report generates it will appear in your Report Queue for download as a CSV.  Zoom guides to getting started with reports can be found here

What about pre-webinar? My supervisor wants to know who's already registered a week before the webinar.

Is it possible to export the list pre-webinar? 

Community Champion

@WMC @KirstenC Yes, the registration list can be exported at any time before the webinar starts. Just keep in mind that you should export one final time after the webinar ends, to ensure you have a complete list that includes anyone that registered during the webinar to join. 

Thank you, but when I try exporting the registrants (33 registered), it only exports 3 panelists who I invited as panelists, not the attendee registrants.