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Dual Screen Cloud Recoding


Last week we had an online meeting. Two participants shared their screens, and Zoom Cloud has only one screen recording. Where can I find the other screen recording 



To enable the setting, first, click go to zoom site and click on the ‘My Account’ option at the top-right of the screen. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the left of your screen. Then, go to the ‘Recording’ tab and make sure the ‘Cloud Recording’ option is enabled.



Rachel Gomez

Thank you for your advice, I have already activated Cloud recording but how can I see the second screen share recording.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @fairoozmohideen,


I can’t find any reference to recording multiple Screen Shares on the Cloud or locally. I’m guessing that this is not supported. If you don’t get a more definitive answer here, your best bet might be to submit a feature request to Zoom to enable that as an option. Here’s the link to submit a feature request: 

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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