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Does Zoom Reports Make A Line For Meetings With No Attendees?


Hi All!

I want to know if in the reports .... If I manually start a meeting let say I start and stop a meeting ten times in one hour (should be reported ten lines on export of report) ... that said be it an hour, a day, week or anything regardless how many times I start a meeting ... fact being if i START a meeting and ONLY I am in it waiting etc but again its started! and yet no one attends but meeting is live and there 🙂 Yet if no one attends the meeting and I end it ... "Does it get recorded", "Does a line item(s) depending how many meetings started get entered in the report when we export reports to where I can see at least a meeting was started?


I guess another way i can form this question is like this ... within one months time lets say I started and stop a meeting with always no atteedees ... then I should see ten (10) meetings in the reports/excel exports etc right? or am i incorrect?


As the documentation of just starting the meeting showing one is there live is an important factor ... 


Thank you in advanced



In Zoom reports, initiating a meeting without any attendees typically generates a line item. Whether you start and end a meeting multiple times within an hour or across a month, each instance of starting a meeting, even without attendees, tends to appear as a separate entry in the exported reports or Excel exports.


However, if no one joins the meeting and it's subsequently ended, it's essential to verify how Zoom records such instances in the reports. This meticulous scrutiny, akin to observing unique traits in a Micro Bully's behavior, ensures an accurate understanding of the meeting initiation data.


To confirm this, examine exported reports to identify each instance where a meeting was started without attendees. It's crucial to ensure that even if no participants join, these instances are accurately reflected in the reports, capturing the initiation details for comprehensive record-keeping.