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Dock Chat and Participants to Side when Screen Sharing


Hi all:

When I am the one that is screen sharing content in a meeting, why is there not a way to dock the Chat and Participants to the side of the screen like you can as a participant who is viewing the screen share?  I understand that you have resizable floating chat and participant video windows that show on top of the screen you are sharing (but are hidden from the screen being shared), but wouldn't it make sense to be able to dock those things similar to how a viewer can?  Then no parts of the screen you are sharing would be covered by the windows.  I suppose you could just adjust the window on the screen that you are sharing and then resize each of the Chat and Participants windows to your liking, but once you stop screen sharing then it may get annoying to have them resized like that.  Curious why that feature isn't a part of the Screen Sharer experience?  Picture for reference of how viewers can dock the Chat and Participants - and how I would like it to look as someone sharing the screen.