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Displayed user names, Pre-registration and Poll reports - Enhancement suggestion


We hold Body Corporate meetings over zoom and also elicit votes via the poll facility and are experiencing two frustrations.


1. Zoom displayed user names reflected on the participants list are sometimes very strange.

These can be updated to reflect who is participating on entry to the meeting, both by the user or the host, but it is time consuming and disruptive. Can the Zoom name not be automatically populated from the Registration name if pre-registration is switched on and ideally also permit the answer to a custom question to be appended to the displayed user name (eg: Peter Unit 126)?


2. When doing polls the poll report uses the displayed user names to show who has voted.

As above, displayed user names are sometimes very strange. Can the poll reports not also make use of the Registration user name instead, where pre-registration is switched on. Further, can the answers to any custom questions asked during the pre-registration not also be included in the poll report?  You can  use Vlookup in Excel to merge the poll report and the registration report using the email address as the key, but once again this should be unnecessary.


Zoom Moderator

Hi @BCMS, and thank you for sharing your suggestions! The Zoom Community is not a place where feature requests are tracked, so I highly encourage you to submit this idea within our Zoom feedback form: This will allow your suggestions to be passed onto the relevant product team!