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Disappearance of Cursor while sharing screen


Hi - I recently purchased a Macbook Air OS and I haven't had this experience before - My Cursor disappears whenever I share my screen (no other time) does anyone know how to fix this? 


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Hi @Chill0712! I realize it's been a week since you initially posted, but are you still having this issue? 

I'm having this problem this well. I teach creative writing classes with sometimes more than 30 students, and it's extremely difficult to maintain the presentation, the chat, and the students' videos when the mouse disappears every time I use the presentation.

I am also having this problem. I host meetings and webinars on my laptop and it's so frustrating. Have only just encountered the problem with a new MacBook pro??? Is there a solution to this? 


My menu bar also disappears when I share my screen and start and powerpoint presentation. I can get it back (as others have suggested) by moving my mouse around rapidly where the menu should appear, but it's unpredictable as to whether is reappears or not. I've adjusted all the settings as suggested in other threads. Still having the issue. 

Issue resolved. The problem was the setting in Mac Keynote, not in zoom. All sorted now.

Oh wow! I see that now. For anyone else with this problem using Mac Keynote:

Go to Keynote, Preferences, Slideshow. Then press "Show pointer when using the mouse or trackpad."

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Thanks for sharing ! @Chill0712 @djkljklds have you tried doing this? 

I saw this, but I don't know or have Mac Keynote, so this option is alien to me. 


I use a mouse, and the only way around it I find is when it disappears, to right click the mouse to highlight the pointer again, but still it's annoying I can't continue with the pen.


I'm on the verve of upgrading, but this is annoying me.

I downloaded Keynote and followed the instructions and it did indeed fix the problem, however, I use MS Powerpoint. I imagine some sort of similar setting would also correct this? Really don't want to change programs. 

@JWoah14 @This did the trick - thank you so much! 

OMG thank you! This helped a lot! Thank you!

So grateful for you!  Virtual (double) fist bump with an explosion (like the Cool Kids do). 


I get this. It's extremely inconvenient. Is there a fix? 


Hi, did you find a fix for this? Having the same issue with MacBook and MS PPT


When I select airplay (to my Apple TV) on my 2020 MacBook Air, I lose control over my laptop. Not only the cursor but the whole screen goes to start up page and I have to force quit. The class I'm attending does show on the TV screen but the teacher cannot see me. And I need the cursor to be able to change view, use chat etc. Thanks for any fixes. 


I'm on Fedora 38 for work.  It seems to happen when share my entire screen and I have my window maximised.  I can't see my mouse pointer. 


It's fine when whatever I want to share is in windowed mode but it's super annoying. 


If the Zoom meeting controls disappear when you share your screen, select More from the Screen Share Meeting Control Toolbar and click on the Hide Floating Meeting Controls option or press the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H keys to toggle their display.






Thanks. But my issue is not about screen sharing. The problem is when I select airplay/screenshare from my Power Book to my Apple TV (so I can see my online yoga teacher), I lose the cursor on my laptop so I cannot control the sound or view or anything.  Until this year, screen mirroring on Zoom allowed me to see both the small screen and large screen. 


The reason I need visible controls on the laptop is so I can turn my camera on, and my mic off and on at my teachers request. But I need the large Apple TV screen so I can practice without my glasses. Now, as soon as I turn on airplay, my screen goes to a blank home page and the cursor disappears even though the TV shows what should be there. I hope this is more clear. Thank you.