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Disabling downloading: not working


I've got a new cloud recording. I disabled the option “Viewers can download” and shared the new link with the viewers.


It turned out that when a video is viewed on a laptop/desktop browser, one can not really download the video.

However, when opened on a smartphone, one makes the video full screen, then a long tap on it — and there’s an option to download the video file.


I suppose Zoom should do something about it?



If you are experiencing issues with disabling downloading in Zoom and it is not working as expected, you may need to consider alternative approaches to address the problem. While Zoom does provide the option to disable downloading for recordings, it's important to note that there may be limitations or factors that can affect the effectiveness of this feature. Here are a few suggestions to explore:

Watermark your recordings: Instead of relying solely on disabling downloading, you can consider watermarking your recordings. Zoom provides a feature to add a watermark to your recordings, which can help deter unauthorized distribution. To enable this feature, go to your Zoom account settings or meeting settings, locate the recording settings, and enable the option to add a watermark.

Limit access to recordings: Rather than focusing on disabling downloading, you can control access to your recordings. Instead of sharing the recording download links openly, consider using more secure methods to share the recordings, such as password-protecting the files or utilizing a secure file-sharing platform. This way, you have more control over who can access and download the recordings.