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Direct url to recurring meeting with registration


Hi, I started a recurring meeting (weekly) with registration of the participants the first time they join. So far so good. Everyone registered and got an e-mail with the JOIN-button.

But for the next meeting, I want to send them an e-mail with the direct link, in case they cannot find the first e-mail or do not know it's the same button. So I was looking for the url to the meeting, but I can only find the link to the registration... 

Where do I find the link to invite someone who is already registered? Or is there something I miss about the way the registration works?


Thanks a lot!



When you launch your meeting that requires registration, then click the green shield in the top-left of your Zoom window, you'll see "Invite Link" with the option to "Copy Link".


Or, you can click the Up-Carrot next to the Participants button in your Zoom toolbar and select invite. You'll see a few helpful options when you click the invite option.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Widgren

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When you launch your meeting that requires registration, then click the green shield in the top-left of your Zoom window, you'll see "Invite Link" with the option to "Copy Link".


Or, you can click the Up-Carrot next to the Participants button in your Zoom toolbar and select invite. You'll see a few helpful options when you click the invite option.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Widgren

Thank you! I found the link. I hope it works and that they do not have to registrate a second time. 

It 's only weird that I have to press 'start meeting' and actually go in the meeting to find the links. I would be more logic (for me) to be able to see the link without starting it.


Zoom Registration allows you to resend the registration confirmation email that was originally sent.

I modify the 'Confirmation Email Sent to Registrants' by clicking on the edit button. found under the 'My Meetings' / meeting .

The 'Confirmation Email' window that opens for edit, allows you to change the information in the  'Subject' box.

I edit '[Meeting Topic] Confirmation' to '[Meeting Topic] Reminder' save and resend it.

Newly registering guest get included automatically.

Just remember to edit 'Reminder' back to 'Confirmation' after you send the reminder.

Oh, the 'save' button can be a little hard to find. Remember to use the outside scroll bars to find it.f



Hi, I'm going to hop in here to seek some guidance I've been having a hard time articulating; forgive me if this leans towards hijacking the the thread. I posted my own question on this, but this conversation appears to be in the same ballpark as what i'm trying to accomplish. I want to send invite  to weekly group coaching call (meeting) when people purchase my online course. I want them to have to register once, and require a password to get in. I'm assuming I can set this up so they receive one initial email with the invite—link and password— and I shouldn't have to edit, add, send out additional emails after that? I'm confused about recurring meeting, number of instances, etc. It seems like I don't want to have a certain number of instances if this is a reoccurring meeting as it makes the invite look confusing and I'm thinking it automatically adds to their calendar (I really get confused about that part, but that's a different conversation. ) Again, apologies for hijacking, but I'm thinking  like you guys can straighten me out on this pretty simply (?) Thanks!


I see now that setting up reoccurring meeting in the app doesn't require number of instances. it would appear that's what I want. But I don't see that option in the browser version. what's the difference?

Under my PRO license, the browser option is there. Try clicking 'recurring meeting' and then set the 'after occurrences' to 1. That's found just to the right of 'End date'. There will be only one entry in the calendar, if you choose to calendar it. BUT, a recurring meeting stays usable for a year after it is last used. 



I'm hating that this is being so complicated/confusing, as I think it's really pretty simple, right? But here's what i've got at this point: I created meeting > recurring, weekly (moot?), 1 occurrence > require 1-time registration > host video/on, participant off (does that mean they can turn it on after they get in there?) > 


Not clear what to do about the b;ue "start meeting" button. 


Should i be able to copy the link and password, then put that in my automated email to purchasers of my course? Wheen I test that to myself it automatcially opens to meeting, I assume because I'm host. I don't understand what the "registration" piece looks like on the invitee's end.

Yes, it can be confusing. I have several zoom identities that allow me to test out what others might see. Usually, logging out of my Pro account on the desktop app, and then signing in with a free account, allows me to see what most will see.

Remember to copy the link you want to test, and put it in a browser to test it.

My experience isn't extensive, when it comes to using Zoom Registration.

Unexpectedly, a 'normal' link to the meeting, is treated like a registration link, once you turn 'registration required' on, for your meeting.

The answer from ZoomTestKitchen, 2nd in the chain above, allows you to copy the 'normal' link. But when people use it, it's treated like a registration link. I didn't believe that, until I tested it with a second test zoom account.

Zoom Registration is great, but it may not fit with your needs.


One great benefit of Registration, is that you then can access a list of registrants to whom you can email further communication. Like I do with a 'Reminder' notice, mentioned above.


But everytime someone joins your meeting, they have to go through Registration again, unless they use their own link, provided at the time they registered. Each registrant, gets their own unique link.


Sorry to be wordy. And maybe I'm missing the essence of your situation.  I couldn't see your attachment, due to my inexperience in this community, I guess. Or maybe my browser.


Maybe you can turn off zoom registration required, after your class gets going?

I'm thinking i may have what I need: I created recurring, 1x, require registration with option of only require registration the first time.  I opened incognito browser, pasted the link in. It did open to a registration page where i entered my name and email, clicked not a robot, hit register button, and it gave a new link to get into meeting. When I clicked on there i was in the meeting. I'm thinking I was in there now because i'm the host? That's the last piece I don't understand; the meeting time is set for tomorrow. Do you think a non-me user might get message "waiting for host to start meeting?" I'm very confused about that; I imagining this "recurring, 1 instance" meeting amounts to an open room ongoing? I had opted to not make them wait in waiting room. That makes me wonder now, how do you 'start" the meeting if it's "recurring but only 1 instance. "

Maybe you got into the meeting, because the meeting did not have a waiting room?

Be very careful when you do NOT have a waiting room. That's triply true if the meeting is recurring, and you expect to use the meeting for many times. Once the link goes public, anyone with the link can start the meeting, without your knowledge.


The meeting ID and passcode, remain usable for 1 year, after the last time it's used. The number of instances is mainly calendar-related (how many calendar entries do you want to have?)


There is no ' require registration with option of only require registration the first time." option that I know of. You can turn registration required on and off. Is that what you mean?


Try setting up a new gmail account, use it to get a free zoom account, and use that to test the meeting setup.

The attached screenshot shows the three registration options, firstime only, eveery occurrence, or register for some occurrences

Thank you for pointing me to that option. I see it now. I've been testing it to see it's effect. It doesn't work like I expected it to.

Here's two links to official documentation, 

From my limited tests,

  • If a person registered for any of the occurrences, under any of the three options, they receive a unique link that identifies them to zoom. They can use that link to attend any of the occurrences of the recurring meeting. If they give that personal link to someone else to use, that person is treated as though they were the original registrant, even getting the original registrants profile name and picture (assuming a zoom account was used in the registering process.)
  • If I joined an active recurring meeting occurrence  with meeting id and passcode, I didn't need to go through the registration process. Maybe a fluke?
  • If I joined via the link copied from within an active meeting, the link took me to the registration process before I could join the meeting.
  • On the Web account page, under meetings, I could select a single occurrence and see who was registered for that occurrence, and could communicate with them via email.
  • On the Web account page, under meetings, I could only start the FIRST occurrence, since the blue start button did not show up as an option for the remaining occurrences.

Well, it is confusing!

Thank you for persisting in your question about the registration option/ It forced me to test it.

Of course, I could be misinterpreting what I see happening.



I finally got on chat support with Zoom today. What a concept. I just assumed they would be like FB or youtube or google with no way to talk to  live person. He was very helpful. I don't have time right now to post how he instructed me, (nothing much different than I was assuming)—I will later. But i may copy paste your comment and show him to see his response to those various issues. (If OK with you?)

Yes, please cut and paste whatever you think will help!


Zoom Registration is great because I can send preliminary material to those who have registered. And a reminder notice on the day of the event.

Just curious. Did you get the information you needed?


Mike  would it be possible for us to chat about registration and how to manage? Looks like you might use like I would want to use, but I have concerns about overburdening my participants... please call me at 865.383.7310 or provide number and I can call you... assuming you are stateside. Thanks in advance.