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“Delete all” option on recordings


Hi, I would like to cancel all the recordings in my storage please but I can’t find a way to do “delete all” and it will take me ages to delete each one individually!!! Can you please help?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

When on the Recordings page, just to the Left of "Topic" and above your 1st listed recording is a checkbox that will select all the recordings listed on the current page.




Check that box.


After you check it will display a message for example that says... "15 recordings on this page are selected." And just above that message is a button that says "Delete Selected (15)".

This option will delete all the recordings on the current page. Wait, there is more... 😉


Before clicking on Delete Selected (15), notice the link just to the right of 15 recordings on this page are selected.

That link message will say Select all ## recordings. Where ## will be the total of all your recordings.


Clicking that link will delete all your recordings.


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Jeff Widgren



Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen