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Could not change view mode while sharing file as Host


I facilitated two Zoom meetings recently.  In the first meeting, the presenter shared her own files.
In the second meeting, the presenter needed me to share her files (which I had on my desktop).  I recorded the Zoom session in both cases and wanted to be able to resize the shared file portion of the screen and the speaker's portion of the screen.  In the first meeting, I was able to do that.  i.e. I could make the speaker occupy about 60% of the screen and the file was shrunk as a result to about 40%.  In the second meeting, where I did the speaker's file sharing, I was unable to resize either the file sharing "box" of the speaker's "box".  The speaker appeared in a very tiny box while the file occupied almost the whole screen.  In both meetings, I had made the speaker a Co-host.  Is there a way for me to not lose resizing ability as a Host when I am sharing the presenter's files?  It seemed as though I lost a lot of zoom control capabilities in the 2nd case ... or am I missing something?  Thanks.




I'm Pizzalover28, and am glad to assist you today. 

For this issue, I would recommend reaching out to Zoom Support. 

You can reach customer service by visiting

You can also submit a chat request by visiting the website and clicking the blue chat bot icon at the bottom of the page. 

You can then type connect to live agent. 

Then the chat bot will give you a list of the teams to contact, such as support, billing, sales, and account management. 

Then type support and you will be transfered to the next available agent.