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Co-/Hosting on two Zoom accounts simulteaneously

Is it possible to host a meeting through my account (Pro Plan), transfer hosting to a co-host as it starts and then participate in another simultaneous Meeting of a different Zoom account?
Both Meetings will be running in parallel.

I have searched related articles, but none refers to the question of parallel meetings as host:

Thanks for your quick assistance 🙂


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The KB article below should cover your use-case and provide all relevant requirements, limitations, etc:


Hosting Multiple Meetings Simultaneously - 

Thank you for your response. it answers some concerns I had.
however, in our case later this week, I would be speaking at a meeting whikle at the same time hosting a webinar that should be delivered by someone else.

I plan to start the webinar, hand over hosting and am then wondering if I can be host at the meeting under the same business account.

All the described use-cases refer to two concurrent meetings, not a webinar and a meeting. Would Zoom treat it te same?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

No, webinars are treated differently. 

The last time I tested this (over a year ago), you were not permitted to have an active webinar (whether or not you've passed host to somebody else) while you joined (or hosted) another meeting. However, you can easily test this out to confirm.