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Co-Host logic

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If a Meeting has a Host and several Co-Hosts, if the Host drops unexpectedly, how does the Meeting enumerate the Co-Hosts to pass Host to?


Does it get passed to the Co-Host that was first assigned, or then the second to have been assigned if the first had already left for example. 


If the new Host then promotes another Participant to Co-Host (let's say to a list of several existing) does that new Co-Host follow in line in succession to the other Co-Hosts, or do they become the new first in line?


Point being - if you become Host, is it best to clear the prior Co-Hosts and build the list again, so the failover becomes predictable?


Or - if I login to the Meeting from two different machines - one as Host, another as Co-Host - is there any way I can guarantee Host would be passed to my second machine if my first one drops - even if I have other Co-Hosts?





I would assume it would pass to the first person made a Co-Host although I'm not certain. What I DO know is that when I've been booted from a meeting, it has made one of my attendees the replacement host and typically it was the first person to join the meeting (provided they hadn't left the meeting since then). I then had to walk them through how to make me the host again so I could have control of the meeting.


Perhaps additional co-hosts work in a similar fashion?

-- Scott

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks @ScottProfe 


Funny though - I've seen lost Hosts come back into their own Meetings and seemingly get re-assigned Host automatically.


Are you logged in as you when you re-join?




@Rupert Sure am! I wonder if it's an admin setting that I'm not privy to?

-- Scott