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Cloud recording storage for Canadian Users


Hello, I am a Canadian user and am hoping to record Zoom meetings and use the transcription services to download the meeting transcript. According to the Zoom documentation, the transcription service is only available when saved to the cloud vs. locally on a personal computer. I'm wondering where the server that store the cloud data are located. Is this on Canadian servers? Due to Canadian privacy laws I must ensure the data are stored on Canadian servers. Please let me know if anyone has any insights on this. Thanks! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Zoom has two kinds of data to consider


  1. Data in transit
  2. Data at rest

Zoom allows you to select the data centre when you set up a meeting for data in transit. Prerequisites for selecting data centre for hosted meetings and webinars - Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account. 



Some data can be stored in Canada for data at rest, but some will be stored in the US. 


You should contact your Zoom rep or Zoom support for more details. I can share that these conditions met our privacy regulations where I work.


Zoom also has special types of accounts that must respect HIPPA / FIPPA, Government, Financial and  other stringent privacy needs. 



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