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Cloud recording password doesn't work


Hi all,


On multiple occasions, I have shared Zoom recordings with clients with the password. Yet, the password doesn't work. When they've told me that, they are correct. The password doesn't work. I've tried logging into Zoom and changing the password to view the recording and that doesn't solve the issue.


Does anyone know the resolution?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @lsalz, for this one I would suggest reaching out to our Zoom technical support team and they can further look into that Cloud recording shared passcode issue. If you have trouble opening a ticket, I can definitely help! 


Looking forward to your reply! 


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I have the same problem and don't know any solution - although I did everything correct



Similar here - Firefox 101.0.1 64-bit for Ubuntu. School Board meetings are shared with passcode. Entering correct passcode results in no change in screen. (Bogus passcode, e.g. "moo" results in message "Wrong passcode" or such; empty passcode field results in message "This field must be entered" or such, so I believe the passcode entered is correct when nothing happens.) Using Google Chrome browser (YUCK!) the recording popped right up and was playable.