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Citrix Plugin and Workspace for M1


I recently installed Citrix Workspace Version: (2210) for Apple Silicon and since, the Citrix Plugin for Zoom no longer connects.  I'm running the Zoom VDI client versino 5.12.3 (22070).  I've tried reinstalling the plugin to no avail.


The Zoom VDI statistics shows:


VDI Plugin Version:  Not Connected

VDI Connection Error:  Plugin not recognized


Has anyone been able to make this work?



I have the same issue.  The Apple Silicon Citrix Receiver does not seem to work with the Zoom Universal Plugin.  When switching to the Intel version (using Rosetta), the plugin works fine.  I don't know if Citrix or Zoom is to blame.


I have this issue as well.  I have tested the Apple Silicon versions of Citrix Workspace since the initial beta.  Zoom has never connected for me.  Using the Intel version of Citrix Workspace works fine.  I'm concerned this is not going to be resolved before Citrix depreciates the intel-only version and goes to a single universal application.  Once that happens we may be stuck using an old intel version because Apple Silicon will be selected automatically upon install.


Anyway, I have tried clean installs, a different computer, uninstalling Skype HDX plugin and older versions of Zoom VDI all with no luck.


For reference:

Apple MacBook Pro 13" M1 16GB Ram

Ventura 13.1 (previous OS, Big Sur had the same issue)

MacBook Zoom VDI Rev: 5.12.1 (21950)

Citrix Desktop: Win10 Enterprise Rev: 20H2 running Zoom 5.12.2 (21960)

Citrix Rev on Mac: (2211)



Same problem over here. MacBook Pro Apple M1 Pro, Workspace 2211 and Zoom VDI 12.06 "Plugin not recognized"


Hope they fix this soon


I just saw this on the Zoom VDI Release Notes page.  It references an upcoming fix: "Support for Citrix Workspace App on M1."  

Link and excerpt below.  Crossing fingers this fixes the issue.


Release Notes Link (scroll to top of the page):


Excerpt Below:

Upcoming releases

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

December 19, 2022 version 5.13.0

Resolved issues

macOS issues

  • Improvements for Mac system display options
    There are fixes for System Preferences display issues. In Mission Control, the Displays have separate Spaces option has been fixed. In Dock & Menu Bar, the Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen option has been fixed.
  • Support for Citrix Workspace App and M1
    The VDI plugin for macOS supports both the Citrix Workspace App (Intel) and Citrix Workspace App (Apple Silicon).
  • Report IP address for Mac VDI plugin in Dashboard
    An error was reported and has been fixed for client versions by VDI reports where the Mac IP address for the VDI plugin was not being displayed.
  • Improve the stability of video window synchronization for VMware plugin
    An issue has been fixed, where the video window was lost or was in the wrong size/position in some corner cases because the VMware ScreenCapture Interface was released unexpectedly.
  • VDI Plugin Auto-Update plugin version The VDI Plugin Auto-Update software on the Mac will always maintain the latest version even after the downgrade of the VDI plugins.