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Chat Issues


We have been holding 5 90-minute meetings M-F on Zoom since we created this account nearly 3 years ago. Up until recently anyone who logs in as host or is "made" a co-host by the host during the meeting has been able to send private DMs directly to other hosts/co-hosts or to any individual participant in the meeting. That ability has recently stopped. For example - if I - as a co-host - send a DM to another co-host during the meeting - it will appear to all the co-hosts and the host. It will look as though I sent it to myself. Or if another co-host sends a DM to someone who is neither a host nor co-host it will show to all the co-hosts and hosts as "You" in the DM - as though each one of us sent that DM. We have never had any problems like this before with Zoom and have never asked for any type of support but this is absolutely bonkers and is driving everyone in our group crazy. We cannot disseminate information correctly or we sometimes wind up disseminating it five times because no one knows what is going on. We have tried everything we can think of to correct this problem but have had no success. Any assistance that is offered will be greatly appreciated.