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Cannot schedule - something went wrong


Something is blocking me from scheduling a meeting. I set it up and hit save and get the message "Something went wrong. Please reload this page."  I have tried multiple times on Chrome and Edge browsers. I have turned off Windows Defender Firewall to see if I had changed something there. Have never had an issue prior to this. Works fine on my desktop at the office. Only is happening on my home computer.  Certainly a software issue. Ideas?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! Sounds like you are working on a Windows computer, are you scheduling the meeting through the Zoom web portal? Or perhaps through the Zoom client? Maybe even Outlook? 


Also do you know what your default email is, such as Office 365 or Google?



I am getting the same error message, "Something went wrong, please refresh the page"  refreshing the page does not do anything , tried several times but to no avail.  This error message even occurs when I was saving the update on the time zone.  I've never encountered this issue before.  I would appreciate your help/suggestion on how to  fix this problem?

I am trying to schedule a meeting and it goes to save and does not proceed. I am trying from 3 days and still the same problem. I did wait for more then an hour and still stayed at the saving point.


same problem and support hasn't been able to help.  This is an ongoing problem for over a month.  Did you find the solution?


I did find a solution.  When I updated my System Mechanic, I had to turn off digital fingerprinting.  I also added to the white list (though I doubt this had anything to do with it).


johnjayr can you explain step by step to me. Since I installed System Mechanic I've been having this problem.




I get this problem sporadically.  I have no idea of a solution.

I too have System mechanic, but turning off the options made no difference.