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Camera and mic not working only in Zoom


Hi all.

When updating to the latest version available, the camera stopped SHOWING an image and the microphone does not detect audio.

I did a downgrade version of Zoom (not a confinable version) and it worked again but I do not know for how long so this is not a solution.
Upgrade to Win11 is not an option.

With the new Zoom version, the camera led lights up but there is no image. In addition, the camera works correctly with other applications. Something similar happens with the microphone.
The camera and audio drivers were updated and, in Win security, zoom is allowed to access the camera and microphone.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Zoom app with no positive results. I rebooted the notebooks on every install.
The same thing happens in another notebook of another brand. Both with Win10 with all patches updated.



I come across the same problem with the camera and microphone after updated with zoom on 28/4/2022. 


Yes, my company has some computers, including Lenovo Laptops, Lenovo & DELL Desktops got the same issues after upgraded to the version after 5.9.3. The Zoom cannot detect the microphone, the camera light was on, but it cannot shows any image. The only one way is to downgrade the Zoom to version 5.9.3 or before. However, now is 5.10.6,  Zoom still not fixing this issue yet.


I have the same problem, it started about a month ago, with an update of the Zoom application. A support tech contacted me, and had me do tons of troubleshotting on my laptop, however, since my Win11 version was an Insider Beta, he said it was not supported and stopped working on my case.

Today I took the plunge and reinstalled windows with the normal production version, and right after reinstall, I tested Zoom and it worked fine... however after windows update finished downloading windows patches and drivers and what not, the Zoom behaviour is back to not working... when I open the camera settings the whole application crashes, the camera icon comes on, but no video is shown. On the microphone side, I have 2, the integrated microphone on the laptop and an external webcam with its own microphone, Zoom does not detect ANY audio from EITHER, and on tne settings page, it says my microphone cannot be accessed... 

As I said earlier, I have checked all the privacy, and permissions settings, uninstalled drivers and Zoom, countless times... still when ever I have to join a zoom call I either have to use my phone, or the web client

Please help me solve this issue