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I started using Zoom Calendar August 2023 and it worked fine until Sept 24, 2023. I did not connect it to any Google or Microsoft calendars because I do not have those calendars.

I used this calendar just fine for a month.

Then I clicked to see my meetings last week and the calendar wasn't there. It redirected me to add Google calendar or Microsoft or Office 360. 

 The calendar is part of my subscription, yet it is switched off...and it  redirects me to add Google or Microsoft calendar....I don't have those. Anybody know what happened? Or how to fix this. I attempted to contact help center 4 times and was unable to connect. I have sent two support tickets and no response. 

I actually need ZOOM customer care and can't get it.



Replying to  my own post. I was able to restore my ZOOM calendar access.  How?

I asked the Chat Bot to let me speak to  a human.  It did! 

The human, Arvin, provided me a nine step written instruction sheet to use, I followed it...and was able to access my Zoom calendar.