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We are a training school. Our classes are 8 Hours long. We have 1 terabyte of Cloud Storage. I need to download them to make space but I was informed there is no bulk downlaod feature and I need to do them one at at time. To make matters even worse I was alo informed that after 6G Zoom will create a second file. So now we have 2 files for every class which is twice the work to download....and NO bulk download feature. Surely you can see why this is a big time consuming problem. I am sure others have the same problem. can you create featues to fix these problems please ASAP


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I suggest you create a feature request;

"Zoom welcomes your ideas, requests or comments about Zoom."

Submit your feature request here;  

There are integrations in the marketplace that can assist you if you set them up.




Or, perhaps try this; 



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why not do local recording then? are you editing these recordings? if so there are tons of hardware and software solutions to accomplish this. Zoom even has a product called ZoomISO that lets you isolate individual video windows to record or switch to in a live event. I dont think the problem is with Zoom cloud recording, it might just be your specific use case.