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Bluetooth Headphones Stopped Working w Zoom - Other Apps OK


My PowerBeats Pro have stopped working with Zoom. The headphones play sound from YouTube fine, but won't pick up audio (speaker or microphone) for Zoom meetings anymore. I have uninstalled and reinstalled them, uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom. No luck. An older version of the PowerBeats Pro work, but not the newer ones I have been using for months with Zoom. I've tried all the troubleshooting things I have been able to find, but no luck. I'm running Windows 11 on an Asus laptop. 



My Motorola Whisper headset stopped working out of the blue yesterday on Zoom with Windows 11. They work with everything else including Teams, Youtube etc. The microphone on the Whisper works with Zoom, but not the sound part. I tried updating to the latest version but nothing. It actually feels like a recent Zoom or Windows upgrade caused this. I have been using them on Zoom for the past 3-4 years flawlessly and have spent about 8 hours trying to resolve this including unchecking Handsfree Telephony or Audio sink - both of which  cause either the microphone or sound in the Whisper headset to stop working which is pointless (Handsfree Telephony unchecked makes it use the laptop microphone and the bluetooth sound works again, Audio Sink unchecking makes it use the bluetooth microphone and the sound stops working.) Teams still works fine! I have the latest 64 bit version as of yesterday 8/16. 


So what is being done for windows 11 compatibility for wireless speakers and video to keep them from dropping out? This is a resent problem after 4 years of no sound connectivity issues, very annoying for my business!



I have the same problem, I dont see any support from zoom at all in any of the similar threads.


I have a Macbook, not sure what this may look like on a windows machine. On the Mac choose zoom preferences and the following screen should show up.ZO0M Preferences Landing.jpgSelect Audio then open the draw down menu next to Test Audio and select your headphones. If your headphones do not show up then you need to make sure the bluetooth connection is activeAudio prefences.jpg