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Automatic update via Outlook calendar


I support 5 execs and schedule zoom calls via the web login for all.   I've found that as long as the meeting title exactly matches across Outlook and Zoom then when I reschedule the meeting in outlook I don't have to go back manually into zoom to update there. 


Unfortunately, this is only working with one person of my five suddenly.  I'm forced to go in manually to update in zoom for the others.   Any ideas why?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@1greatadmin I would suggest making sure that those execs are logged in to their Zoom desktop client and have the calendar integration configured. 
Calendar Integration 


Essentially what happens when calendar integration is configured, is that the Zoom desktop client will see the changes to Outlook Zoom meetings and then push an update to the web. This is called "client sync". 
The users have to be logged into their Zoom desktop client for these changes to be picked up and updated appropriately. 

I would suggest changing the workflow to using the Outlook add-in when scheduling and updating meetings for these executives in conjunction with scheduling privilege. With the Outlook Add-in you can open the "settings" for the add-in after updating the meeting event in outlook which pushes changes to the Zoom web without having to rely on the client sync. 
Scheduling Privilege  

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