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Automatic translated captions for entire meeting


I'm trying to see if it is possible to do automated translated captions for our entire audience. For example, I want captions to appear automatically and be translated to spanish for every person. I don't want each user to have to manually do it themselves. Is this possible?



Hi Freedom99,

From what I have learned, no it is not possible to have translated captions appear automatically. I've been talking to the Help Desk about trying to make the translated captions work better (they have been great!) and they suggested I put in a feature request for this. I suggest you do too... that way Zoom will better understand the demand for this feature. I've suggested that the host should have the ability to just set it for everyone in the meeting, so that both original and translated captions show up on every screen. In my mind it would be like the 'mute' button, where normally you can control it yourself, but the host can also override and set it up for everyone (or make everyone quiet!).


In the meantime, what I have done in my meetings is create a slide that is on the screen before the start of the meeting and for the first few minutes, that explains how to click the right settings. I do the slide in English and (in my case) French. That seems to have worked. 


Good luck!