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Audio stopping issues.


I am currently using a bluetooth soundbar for my computer. Everything audio wise works fine when I am hosting or in a zoom meeting. However, when I go to play a sound outside of the meeting, I.E. play a youtube video, or even screen share and display media with sound, as soon as the new sound is stopped, the audio for my zoom meeting is stopped as well.

So here's the scenario when I discovered this. I was hosting a zoom meeting, and was prompted to play a video with audio to the meeting. I did so and as soon as the video was done, I stopped the screen share, but as soon as I did, the audio coming from the meeting ( the participants) was off entirely. I then had to re-select my already selected speaker a few times for the audio to come back. And this happens every time. Ive only just now discovered it does this because it was my first time  sharing my screen.  There are no errors, or message pop-ups, and I can't find anyone else that this has happened to. Any thoughts?