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Audio not working on Zoom for Linux Version: 5.10.4 (2845)


After updating to Zoom Version: 5.10.4 (2845), when I join a meeting (not muted), my mic doesn't work. Just by navigating to the Audio settings, it starts working again (without changing any setting or clicking on anything). Is it a known issue? I also can't downgrade it since older versions are not available on download page.



I have the exact same issue on windows 5.10.4.  The audio connections seem to be buggy, and I also get 'zoom could not detect your audio device', but if you click the audio settings button, things start to work.

very frustrating.


Same deal here where my headset device is not listed under the "Mic" options anymore in Zoom, and if I use "System Settings" it will work for a few seconds and then stop until I adjust the source selection in Zoom and flip back to "System Settings" and again works for a few seconds and then shows 0 input.

Meanwhile, the Linux sound panel shows my headset device fine and the mic input bar moves as expected. I've also noticed issues with my webcam and Blur in this versions, so there appears to be a few bugs for sure.


I installed today the (new) latest version: Version 5.10.6 (3192). So far no mic issues, but need to use a bit more to be sure.

Just updated as well and I can confirm so far it appears my mic is working properly now and reflects the correct input options. This version also appears to have fixed my camera issues when selecting "blur".

I haven't tried in an actual meeting yet but hoping this version fixes both issues I was seeing.

too early, issues are back today. @rrossman2 is it really fixed for you?

@mcdlima I'll know tomorrow as I have 2 scheduled meetings then and can report back.

Yup, issues here as well. One interesting thing I noticed is my Headset Mic isn't listed in the "Select Mic" dropdown (I typically use Same as System"), but as soon as I closed the Zoom Settings and unmutted, I noticed no one was acknowledging my talking.
I went back into settings and my "Input Level" bar wasn't adjusting as I talked. If I adjusted the "Select Mic" to another input, and then back to "Same as system and *DO NOT CLOSE* the Zoom settings, then my input works fine and the Mute/Unmute doesn't break my mic input.


Still having same issues at Linux version: 5.10.7 (3311)


I think I'm having the same issue with Zoom Version 5.11.1 (3595) and the previous version I was using. My microphone audio is only heard when the Settings window > Audio tab is open. When I close it my audio is no longer heard. I noticed in my system's (Linux Mint) "Sound Preferences" window under the Applications tab, when the Zoom > Settings > Audio is open, "Zoom VoiceEngine" - Speaker and "Zoom VoiceEngine" - Microphone are both listed, but when the Zoom > Settings > Audio is closed, the application "Zoom VoiceEngine" - Microphone disappears. I thought that maybe it was an operating system defect, but with what I'm seeing here I think it's a Zoom defect.