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Audio Problems (Spotify not working when in Zoom meeting when using wireless earphones)


Hey guys! Can I ask for help? My Spotify music keeps getting cut off (muted) whenever I'm in a zoom meeting and using my wireless earphones. Music and Zoom audio works fine together when using Laptop audio and Wired Earphones, but not on Wireless. Wireless still plays music (Spotify) when using G-meet, but not Zoom. All other sounds get cut off when Zoom Application connects to the wireless earphones. Please help


Location - Philippines
Account Type -Standard

Audio Source - Wireless Earphones

Laptop & OS - HP Laptop using Windows 10


Community Champion



Can you please try turning the Zoom audio suppression to low in the audio settings and see if that helps.  There are some cases where the wireless earphones have noise suppression, and in competes with the Zoom suppression.  (Usually it is garbled, but this would be worth a try).

@colegs yes thanks for the info. I tried it but it still doesn't work so do you have any other suggestions? By the way, it said that it will not treat music as a background noise. Does that like mean music from outside or music from laptop?



Community Champion

@User823 , Not sure what else might be happening since it works with all other headphone solutions.  Can you tell me what type of wireless earphones you are using?  I can see if anyone else has reported an issue.


And for not treating music as background noise, that would be what it picks up on the microphone.  Technically, that can be either on your computer if playing through speakers, or ambient music outside of the computer.