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Audio Issues


Hi,  I am having audio issues with some of my zoom meetings.  The computers are not on mute and the meeting set up does not mute participants.  It happens to multiple users on the same meeting.  However, in other meetings with the same set up there is no issue?  I have deleted the meeting and set it up from scratch again but the same issue arises.  Has anyone had issues like this?  Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



When you create a meeting, you have this setting 'Mute participants upon entry'.


So as the name itself, participants will automatically be muted once they enter your meeting. Also, as additional information, you have the in-meeting Security option tab during the meeting which you can set up depending on your needs:


Here is the support article that I found:



Thanks so much JepZoomie!  Unfortunately the issue continues.  Both those suggestions had been as you suggested.  Might you have any other thoughts?  If it helps.  When this particular meeting is in progress and someone tries to connect to the meeting the sound to alert you to their arrival is also absent.  I have also checked my audio settings on my MacBook and that is all working and the speaker on my MacBook is also working perfectly.  Its bizarre.

You are welcome!

If you want to be notified when someone joins your meeting, you need to click the Participant tab and enable: Play sound when someone joins or leaves









Thanks again!  The weird thing about this meeting is that that option is also already ticked and the noise still isn't working.  I don't understand how all these options had already been ticked correctly yet there is no sound on this meeting?  Sorry if this is confusing.  All my other meetings are fine it's just this one.  Even when I deleted the meeting and set it up from scratch again it did the same thing?