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Appalling Support


I have participated in a number of Zoom meetings and recently set up a professional Zoom account for a small special interest group I am working with. I had expected that setting up a meeting would have been easy and intuitive but was soon to learn otherwise as apparently many others have. I am a very experienced computer user with a professional IT background. Imo Zoom  has a very poor unintuitively user interface by todays standards. I simply don't have the time or inclination to spend hours or days trying to figure out how to use a program like Zoom to run online meetings. I expect it to be obvious and to "just work" seamlessly.
But my real complaint is about the deplorable support system. From clicking the chat support button after not being able to figure out something, we have  just gone around and around in endless circles for some weeks now,. Not once have I received a  single response that directly addressed any of my concerns or problems which  increasingly have just become the frustration of trying to quickly and effortlessly use Zoom for running simple  straightforward online meetings. This is what this product is product is supposed to be able to do, isnt it or have I got that wrong too?.
It appears to me that the support system is driven by some sort of automated or semi-automated process that responds to any request or comment with a request for more information circuitously.   
If this is someone's idea of a sick joke then it is pretty sick but I actually suspect the people behind this charade are serious. I find it difficult to believe that  an organisation like Zoom can be so professionally incompetent but the proof is in the experience. I've talked to a few others who say they have experienced similar things. Yes they sat "Zoom is a convoluted mess that takes a lot of frustrating nonintuitive guessing to figure out how to use it. And the support- forget it. It is just a joke".
My  problem is that I don't find having my time wasted by incompetent idiots all that famusing however.   


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @TimW001.


If you’ll ask a simple question here in the Zoom Community, and leave all the complaints out, one of us volunteers might take the time to help you.

Ray - Office Hours at
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First of all, why would Zoom defer to volunteers for customer support?

Secondly, none of the simple question posts, at least that I've seen,  seem to contain zero volunteer replies. 

I am dismayed at the proliferation of "Volunteer" driven "communities"  offering "pseudo support"  , esp since we can't "voluntarily" pay for the service.