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Annotation on shared screen


I can't annotate on shared screens in meetings. In Zoom settings (Settings/Meeting/Annotation), annotation is enabled, also for users who are not sharing (so "Only the user who is sharing can annotate" is disabled). I can't find any solution to this problem. I am hosting the meeting and the Zoom version is the most recent update. When another participant is sharing, the "Annotation" option is not available for me when I click on the "View Options" tab. Also, the "Security" tab does not list the allow annotate option on my computer. Furthermore the green security icon (upper left in the video) doesn't contain information regarding the Annotation settings, neither. These are the troubleshooting options I found when I googled the problem, but none of these options is available on my Zoom account/computer (PC Windows 10).  Help would be greatly appreciated!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @AristidesTu 


Sorry to hear you're having issues with annotations. Can you provide a screenshot of the View Options menu when in a meeting and someone is sharing? Alternatively, can you provide a screenshot of the current version of the client you have installed? This article can guide you to the current version you have installed: