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Adding attendee to recurring meeting


Hi there,  I have a regular meeting 3 times a week of which my regular attendees emails are listed.  I want to add a new attendee to this but it won't let me add anyone's email  on the "edit" screen.  Can I just add them by sending an invite?  Does their email need to be listed? 


Thanks in advance folks!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @KimmyK you would just need either utilizing when creating a meeting calendar and contacts integration therefore, you can add the emails directly to the Zoom Meeting and resend invites out in Outlook or Google Calendar.


Or, when Inviting others to join a meeting copy the meeting invitation, clicking into the meeting from and clicking 'copy invite', or add to your calendar (without the integration), and from there you can send out via your calendar source with meeting details. 

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