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2nd camera source


I am trying to share a second camera but can't change its source.

I have 6 possible video sources listed (I'll just call them source 1-6 for now). My main video is on "Source 4", but I want to share "Source 2" as a second camera source, but it keeps defaulting to "Source 1". Or, if I try to switch camera, change source, then switch back, it seems to pick a random source!

How can I select a different source for my 2nd camera? When I try to change source it changes my main camera (PiP image) instead.

Failing that, how can I remove video sources from my list of video resources?




This sounds like the type of feature that Zoom Rooms is for, rather than a standard client! 

Apologies if its not, I am not familiar with how your sources are connected!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



It might be easier for you to use a Virtual Camera application to provide one single source to Zoom, then switch between cameras and sources in that external application instead. This could be done with something as simple as OBS.


If you are using HDMI cameras, you could also use a simple external video-switcher or vision-mixer.


I don't believe you can otherwise exclude camera sources from Zoom.


My experience of the Switch Camera features in Zoom is that it cycles through all the available sources.


Hope this helps.