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zoom Vimeo integration - problem with settings




I have connected zoom with vimeo and have following problems:


  1. set up in Vimeo the setting: "unlisted". But when the videos get transfered from zoom to vimeo they are set on "private"
  2. when I have a zoom meeting that gets recorded to the cloud & transfered to vimeo the recording stops after a while and starts again. That causes, that I have 2 videos for one meeting. In zoom Archive and also in Vimeo. This is bad for my needs, because the videos should not get split. In one case it got split after appx 30 min (of 2hrs meeting). in another case after 90 min (of 2hrs meeting).


Does anyone know a solution for both problems?


Thanks in advance! 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @fma78 

Not sure about the first issue, but I might be able to provide some insights for the 2nd issue. 

During the meeting, do you ever stop or pause the recording?

If so, do you stop the recording or just pause the recording? 

Stopping the recording will stop the current recording and end that file as it currently stands. If you start recording again, this will create a new recording file within this same meeting session. This is likely why you have separate recording files within Zoom. 

If you pause the recording, that keeps that current recording file still open and ready to continue capturing content, later in the session when unpaused. This would result in a single recording file, which should transfer to Vimeo as such.