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Zoom OAuth app with Azure AD SCIM


I have an Azure AD tenant and would like to be able to create a Zoom OAuth app to be used with my Azure AD tenant for the automatic SCIM provisioning.


As it stands currently, i've created an OAuth app and Server to server OAuth app - I have the app client ID and Secret and have added the scope of "SCIM" to both of the apps, however it's unclear on how I'm supposed to configure this with my Azure AD SCIM provisioning which asks for Tenant URL and Secret Token? 


The Zoom JWT app works fine without any issues however this is being deprecated next year hence why i'd like to move over to using OAuth.


Any advice on how to configure this would be appreciated. 



You need to pass client_ID and client_secret  to Zoom token endpoint to get a token.

But according to Zoom's documentation about Server to Server Oauth app , Server to Server Oauth token's time to live is only 1 hour, so I don't think you can use it for Azure AD connector.


It looks Zoom hasn't got a solution for Azure AD connector, at least I haven't found it in Zoom documentation.

Could any Zoom experts shed some light on this topic?


Zoom support have just replied to a ticket I logged about this

"Currently, the Zoom Enterprise Application in Azure only supports JWT.  We are currently working on a solution to utilize OAuth before the deprecation date for JWT which is scheduled for June 1, 2023.
At this time, kindly utilize the JWT and once Engineering releases support for SCIM Provisioning in Azure using Oauth, our documentation will be updated."


I've asked if they can update the following page which is currently misleading (i.e. moving to Oauth should only be mentioned on this page after it's supported):
Configuring Zoom with Azure – Zoom Support

Thank you  eddietheeagle.

I re-read Zoom doc, it sounds like only "JWT app type" will be deprecated after 6/2023, not "JWT" itself.

This means after 6/2023 the JWT which are already created can still work, so you won't have to upgrade Azure AD App to get a new token after 6/2023.

This is just my understanding, not sure if it's true.



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