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Pardot Zoom App - registrants do not sync when using "Charge registration fee through PayPal" option




I think everything I have everything set up correctly with the Pardot Zoom App because I can successfully send registrant, attendee and absentee lists from Zoom to Pardot for free webinars.


When I use the "Charge registration fee through PayPal" option in Zoom to create a paid webinar, the registrant information does not get sent to the configured Pardot list.


Here are the Pardot Lists for a free and a paid webinar I set up to test. You can see that Attendees and Absentees sync correctly for both paid and free webinars, but registrants only sync for free webinars:



Just to be clear: The integration is installed and working fine as far as I can tellThis issue ONLY applies to the registration list for paid (using the "Charge registration fee through PayPal" option) webinars.


Has anyone else experienced this, and had any luck getting registrants to sync to Pardot with paid webinars?