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Administration system

We want to make an administration system that maximises a Zoom front desk employee's ability to multitask many customers at the same time. 
If a Zoom front desk employee has more than two different customers at different sites it is difficult to mulittask. To get access to the customers email system, chat system, information data base today requiers that the front desk employe opens multiple browsers and systems. We are looking for one system, swithing easily from customer to customer. Does this exist?

Note Taker

Hi Oleth,


I believe what you are looking for is under account settings and Account Profile. Please see the screenshot below. You can also refer to this article for linking accounts to an organization.



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Hi ChrisO

To solve my issue, I need an integration or app from the Zoom Apps Marketplace. While managing more than one location with one representative the desktop is easily cluttered with several browser windows. I believe we are looking for content management or administration software.  If this doesn't exist, my company are looking to make such an app.