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Students using video loops




I am a University Student TA and I have a question regarding the surging use of video looping in Zoom to make it seem as though students are paying attention with their cameras on. Is there a way to disallow video looping or altered backgrounds as a host? Thank you in advance!





I'll start this with the caveat that "all advice depends on the settings of your account" but there are a few options --


  • There is an option to "allow video backgrounds".  Deselecting this removes this permission, which will remove the ability to use looping video backgrounds.
  • You can disable virtual backgrounds alltogether; the privacy blurred background still exists if there is a concern for user privacy.
  • You can also add custom backgrounds for your sessions - if users want to use virtual backgrounds how cool would it be to have a custom background with the date of the class and topic 😉 Canva is an easy app to use to make these and provides a number of premade templates.

You mention you are a TA. All of these options are in the host's extended settings on so if the faculty you are working with set up the meeting their settings would need to be adjusted; if you are the owner of the meetings it is your settings.

All advice is YMMV - options may differ according to the settings in your account. If your account is provided by your university/company, contact your tech support for assistance.


no real way to stop it since they can just use a different camera in Zoom. I use an ATEM mini which has 4 HDMI inputs. it has one USB out to my computer which recognizes it as the Camera in Zoom. this way I dont have to use the screen share option in Zoom. I can quickly switch inputs to another camera angle above my desk, a different computer running my presentation or video. There are software solutions that do this as well. 

This is a good topic, im apart of a group that discusses topics like this and Zoom everyday with an education day on Saturdays. you can learn more at