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can I upload a PDF document to my webinar


I have a participant guide I would like my participants to download at the beginning of the meeting.  Can I upload it into the webinar ahead of time so my participants can download and view the PDF during the meeting?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Vi3 thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! In short this is not possible today. Uploading documents is possible during a webinar session, you can just chat with all participants or even all panelists, the choice is yours, and send the file that way


In the past, uploading documents before a meeting or webinar has been a good idea that in practice can be a little inflexible. What I mean is what if you need to make changes to the document and re-upload, and what if participants don't receive the information or take time to read it before hand. You will probably need to resend during the meeting/webinar anyway 🙂 Plus there are certain privacy and data storage issues that can arise with where to store the file before the event. 


I realize this is a good feature request though and if you have a few minutes to make a suggestion and describe how and why you would like this, it would be great.  Currently, our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form 


I do thank you for the question! 


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This is a valid request and would then be available to those who sign on late.  The reasons for not having this feature do not over ride  the practical need to run a glass efficiently.  Please reconsider and add this feature. 


Offering a way to upload pdfs for attendees to download during the webinar would be very helpful. Hosting PDFs elsewhere then putting a link into chat isn't a great solution. With more chat's coming in the link will move off screen. Also, there's no way to tell how many attendees downloaded the pdfs.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



This forum post was originally submitted 2022-01-27


Things have evolved a bit since then.


Zoom has support for uploading Webinar Resources now in Zoom Events.


Last Updated: January 6, 2023

Webinar resources allow hosts to prepare ahead of time resource links to be displayed to attendees in the live webinar. These resources can be customized to include an image, headline, description, and customized button. This can be used to sign up for a newsletter, book an appointment, or link to any external resource.


Webinar hosts can create link and document resources ahead of the webinar, or during the live session. These can be previewed before the webinar and during, launched for attendees to interact with or download, and afterwards, generate a report of clicks for each resource.


Prerequisites for creating and using Webinar Resources 




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