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Zoom User Groups


Hi Everyone, 


I am interested in joining a Zoom User Group and asked our Zoom account manager if they were aware of any existing user groups where other Zoom System Admins get together to talk through their experiences, challenges, successes, new integrations, etc.   


I did a search here on the community but didn't find anything on this topic.  If anyone is interested in a Zoom User Group I would be happy to help spin something up and facilitate the first couple of sessions.   


My current employer is in the Financial Technology space, we have ~1500 users of Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phones, we have 80+ Zoom Rooms deployed in multiple corporate offices and have users spread throughout the US.   I would love to connect with other system owners or admins who are utilizing the same services and talk through some of their best practices, hardware recommendations, challenges, wins, etc.  



Jimmy Ortiz




were you able to find a Zoom user group? Im looking to be able to ask questions on the finer points of setting up zoom meetings.