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Zoom Events - Registrant info access


I've created an event for out customer and prospect event on Zoom events for the first time, and noticed that I don't have access to the Registrants information.


Zoom events asks if they're willing to share their information with marketers, which they can choose not to. If they do that, I see nothing other than their names.


This unfortunately means I have no idea which customers of ours choose to attend, hindering my awareness, tracking, content customization and follow up.


For opening the event to new prospects, we get no leads out the other end of the event, which is part of the reason to promote it in the first place.


Is there a setting I can change? Or a different way to build the event to avoid this? In Zoom webinars I can work around it by putting a form on the landing page that comes to us first then we manually add them. not ideal but then we at least see who's joining.

This can't be done in Zoom Events due to them having to sign into Zoom first to Register (also not ideal).


Can anyone help?



Interested in any responses to this, as have also just encountered this. If there isn't a way around this, I don't think it's a usable platform to run events. 


I agree! We are running into these issues and it makes the platform basically unusable. 


At this point (and I've talked to some people who work on Zoom Events). You get no data other than their name if they opt-out (or rather don't opt-in, since you have to click to get to those questions). I, too, pointed out that this makes their system unusable.  Their response was it is legally required. I noted that they need to be upfront with this on their site and let people know as every other system allows you to collect information. I wouldn't have ever thought to even ask this question. The other problem is that you can only send one message to people who have registered (and it is limited in numbers), meaning that you only have one shot to let them know anything.  We've canceled one event on the platform and will likely cancel our contract if this isn't sorted out quickly. 

I argued with Zoom events team for weeks.  While it is a legal requirement to provide people the ability to opt out, the system default shouldn’t be opt out.  It would be acceptable to us if the system default is (opt in) for people to fill out the registration.  Then provide an opt out checkbox before hitting submit button.


They said they have put this enhancement in the product roadmap and expect to launch in March 2022.  No specific date provided. 


Big miss on the Engineers side. Why offer required custom fields if attendees can easily opt-out by default. 


Great news! Zoom has updated this and it doesn't seem to be an issue now. Attendees have to check the consent box to fill out the registration in order to move on! 


Thanks for letting us know.  I will get a trial account to test it out again.  


So upon further plugging away yesterday, or maybe slight Zoom adjustments, people can still bypass registration by leaving the box unchecked. They will have to scroll past the questions that you are asking them to fill out in the registration though.