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Zoom Events - HELP!


Hi Zoom Hive Mind,


I'm running my first ever multiple session Zoom Event at the end of September, and I'm really struggling with it. 


Could someone please answer the following questions for me to help me get started!?  


- I can't find how to start the practice session from the hub or event page 

- can I run multiple practice sessions or do I need a full run through of the event with everyone present - so can I pick and choose which sessions to practice?

- when doing a panel session with a chair, do I have all speakers as speakers or do I just list the chair as a speaker and then add the others just as panelists?  

- how do you set up break out rooms prior to the event?  Or does that have to be on the day?

- How do you link 3rd party apps like Slido in to the event?


Does anyone have any links to good tutorials (ideally videos as I'm a visual learner)?


I feel a bit out of my depth!!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @KathrynMayo -- and welcome to the complex world of Zoom Events!


Yes, it's a bit more complex than just setting up a meeting or webinar... and it takes practice, and a village of other Zoom Events users.  I'll start by inviting you to join Denise Lahat’s ( @DeniseLahat ) Facebook group for Zoom Events producers. See her posts about the regular meetings where we test out features most Tuesdays in an actual Zoom Event. 
Join there and post some questions, and you’ll get plenty of help.  I'll be hosting the next online meeting 9/13.  But that might be a little late for you to get some initial help.


To your questions...


If you are the Hub Owner, and you have scheduled sessions in an Event and the Event is Published, then you should see Start buttons on each session.  There's no specific "Practice Session" button... just click Start.  Webinars will start in "Practice Session" mode.


It's probably difficult for YOU to run multiple practice sessions simultaneously, but you should be able to have other Speakers and Alternate Hosts start sessions while you have one open.  (Quick Note: Unlike a regular Meeting/Webinar where Alternate Hosts have to be from your own organizational account, you can assign anyone from any account as Alternate Host in a Zoom Event session.)


Listing other panelists is optional.  I think there's a limit to how many you can list... so either list them all if there isn't too many, or none, or pick the "headliners".


I don't know about pre-assigning breakout rooms in a Zoom Event.  I know it's possible in a regular Meeting to do, but there's no "web interface" to the Meeting Setup.  If I get some time I'll poke around... we Zoom Events folks "poke around" a lot to learn the details!


I don't have much experience with 3rd party apps.  I'd say it's probably linked to the Host's account settings, and your best bet is to try using 3rd party apps and see what works and what doesn't.


I'd say "you can't break anything"... and in general, I think that's true.  "Try it and see" is the best approach!  And if you need someone to join your event as an AltHost to assist, let me know.


I know I didn't answer all your questions... but hopefully this is a start!

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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