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Webminar Closed Session


Hi, I would like to have a closed session with the panelist in the webinar; the attendees should not hear any conversations in that closed session. Is there a way to do a breakout room, send attendees into the waiting room, or go back to the practice session once the webinar has started? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Webinar Backstage provides another area that runs before, during, and after a webinar for webinar host, co-hosts, and panelists to be when not actively presenting in the webinar. Panelists can enter this backstage or “green room” before the webinar begins and even multiple times during a webinar.

Panelists in the backstage can also still view and hear the live session, allowing them to follow the presentation and know when it's their cue to rejoin. This can also be useful for webinar moderators or production assistants, who would prefer to remain off screen, but still need panelists’ access to chat, polling, and Q&A features.


Note: To enable and use Webinar Backstage, you must have a Zoom Events license.