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Webinar passcode when using Evenbrite


We decided to change our zoom meeting from a meeting to a webinar after it being advertised for a while on Eventbrite. 

In the Webinar settings it says that a passcode is required and we can't remove that option. Can i take it that the passcode will be embedded in the 'Join' link when activated on the Eventbrite event page 30 mins before we start? As this link isn't activated we can't test it but i am concerned it will ask for a passcode that no-one will have. 


I have updated the Zoom module in Eventbrite to be the Zoom webinar so i am really hoping that is enough but confirmation that attendees won't be asked for a code if they use that link would be much appreciated. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @DT5.


Normally when using Eventbrite, Eventbrite feeds the registration data, and you have to have Zoom send the confirmation (and I also recommend the 1-day and 1-hour reminders) which have the registration Join link. 


If your intent is to have attendees join without enabling the Zoom registration and just use the Meeting ID (directly or with a Join link), you'll need to provide the Passcode or email the Join link with the Passcode embedded.  If your event isn't paid and you don't need to tightly control access, you can send the Join link out via the Eventbrite email functionality.

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