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Webinar Expiration.


Just noticed recently that my webinars, which were on demand started disappearing.  Zoom Chat told me:

Please note that a webinar will expire if not used for more than 30 days just like the regular webinars.
I suggest checking this article: for more information, this states:

  • Webinars are deleted 90 days after the scheduled end time or last modification.

So my 5 of 7 January events have disappeared, registration pages no longer active, and February too.  I have 2 January still active as well as 2 from 2021.  What do you do to keep them active for a year?  Change the date every quarter?  Just edit them?  


I have cloned all my other webinars that are on demand and scheduled them in December/January just in case.  I have 7 that I now need to rebuild for Jan/Feb.  


Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. 




Same issue as OP, any advice on whether there is a way to change this would be much appreciated. 


Hi, What I've found out is they expire at 3 months.  So what I have been doing, and it's a pain, is set an Outlook reminder for every 60 days just to be safe.  Then I go in and 'edit' each event. So one time I might add Recorded on xyz date.  The next time I might just add a line of ____________.  The third time I might delete step 2.  

Hope this helps!