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Should I use Zoom events or Zoom rooms? I am confused


In 2 weeks time, there will be an event with over 3000 people attending. We will also like to host this event on Zoom so other participants who couldn't attend the event in person join in via Zoom.


Now my question is, can this be done using the normal Zoom meetings, or Zoom events or Zoom rooms.


In this WWE show, we can see people on the screen watching the event during the Covid19 lockdown. I want to achieve a similar thing where people can watch online and be displayed on screen as we can see in this video I have used as an example.


I need a clear answer so we get to know the setup required, run a demo before the main Dday.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @marvydery.


Zoom Meetings can’t accommodate more than 1,000 attendees, so that’s not an option. 

Zoom Rooms is a technology that allows one computer in a conference room to allow individuals in the room to interact with the Meeting.


Zoom Events is a possibility, but I doubt you can come up to speed in two weeks – it’s an order of magnitude more difficult than a Zoom Meeting. If you’re with a large company and can afford it, Zoom Events has a Professional Services Group that could this together for you, but you’d have to act quickly to get them engaged. 

In my opinion, your best bet is a Zoom Webinar. You can obtain a 1-month non-recurring license for up to 5,000 people from the Zoom pricing page at






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