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Share Slide Advancing Control


Looking for a solution to a centralize slide deck for a long event where presenters don't want to say "next slide" and we are able to pass slide control to the next presenter. I know this isn't a zoom thing as is, but imagine others may have the same desire. I looked into google slides but don't see a share control option.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, bwallen


I don't know if it fits into what you want to do.

How about passing remote control to the presenter?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @bwallen34 


You could look at


Hope this helps.




I agree that remote control is your friend for this, but here are some tips for making sure it goes smoothly. 


  • Designate a spare computer that will share slides. You  only use it to share slides and provide remote control. You are not chatting or managing participants from this computer. Content only.
  • Share remote control is available to one person at a time. If someone has only a few slides, skip it and advance for them. We're about to put out a guide on alternative things to say or do to cue for a next slide without literally saying it. It comes up often.
  • When you share remote control, advise the far end controller that they want to mouse over and click in the middle of the slide. At the top of Zoom, the prompt will change from waiting to control to is controlling. It's pretty clear. If they click away to notes or chat or anything else on their local computer, they have to mouse over and click on the slide again to resume control. 

Hope that helps a bunch. Respond with any questions if you like!

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