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Session image default (Zoom conference)


I'm trying to find out how to set a default image when setting up a conference with multiple session. Although Zoom creates a 'default image' I apparently can't publish the event until I have set my own image (seems a bit daft). I will have hundreds of sessions in an upcoming event so I need to be able to set my own default image. Can anyone help?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I have a generic image I use to set them all the same initially. If assigning them manually for each session is too much of a pain, enter one session with the generic image, download the csv file, then edit the csv file, setting all the session images to the same (internal) value.


There’s also a way to load images into the Hub’s Media Library, but it looks like the revision to allow access to it from the events isn’t in yet. You can only access these images for the Hub itself at the present. 


Patience – Zoom Events has only been in General Availability about 9 months. It’s getting better by the month, but still has some rough edges – most of which can be gotten around with a little manual effort. 

You are also welcome to join Denise Lahat’s ( @DeniseLahat ) Facebook group for Zoom Events producers. See her posts about the regular meetings where we test out features most Tuesdays in an actual Zoom Event. 
Join there and post some questions, and you’ll get plenty of help.

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