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Seeking experience of using Zoom Events


Hi All


I have been trying to get to grips with Zoom events as I think it has huge amounts of potential.  But I am not finding it very intuitive.  I am working with a client trying to decide between this an another platform and would like to hear any experiences of using it (good or bad!), particularly if you have any participant feedback.  Did your attendees need a lot of support or did they find it easy to use?  What works well and what doesn't?  Thanks in advance for any views.



I am also interested in learning more about Zoom Events. 


Thank you,


Information Systems & Technology (IS&T)




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@smaharaj @RoboEvents You are invited to join my FB group. I run a demo event every Tuesday 13:00 ET for people to try out the platform, ask questions and try out new features together.  Looking forward to seeing you today!


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@RoboEvents, please share more with us about how Zoom Events can be more intuitive. We're anxious to take your feedback and improve!


Also, feel free to explore the Zoom Learning Center to keep exploring the possibilities with Zoom Events.

Thanks Austin. I have watched the videos in the Learning Centre, but they seem more about telling you about the features rather than guiding you on how to do it.


One big issue we are having at the moment is that a number of potential attendees and speakers will be using US Federal government accounts and they are not able to log in and register.  Is that something you can advise on?

Another question - it looks like you can upload users to a hub page?  Does this invite them to follow the hub?