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Registration Reports not returning Source data


We have a series of educational webinars that occur about once monthly during the first week of the month. This has been going on for the last two school years, and our program is about to come to an end. I would like to pull reports on registration sources, so we can evaluate the efficacy of our marketing and partnership programs. (Having to pull the info monthly is a pain instead of a summary for all time, but I digress.) April and May data came back fine with Source data reporting correctly for the ~7 usual sources we track. Then I went to February and January, and nothing--no source data (yes, we had source tracking links). I sampled a few months from 2022, and no source data. Anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions? Do we lose this data? (I thought Zoom said we as admins had access to the meta data for the past 12 months at least.)


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Hi @AmandaK just to ensure I am following along, you're referring to Creating webinar registration tracking links and Enabling webinar tracking pixel? If going to are you able to edit and Scroll to the Invitations section? 

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Correct on webinar registration tracking links. The data is quickly viewable for upcoming webinars in the invitations section, but our previous webinars auto-delete after 30 days (so I can't got edit those). I'm trying to use Registration Report under Reports > Usage Reports > Webinars to find the information. The reports I run for the last few months have Source Name (the registration tracking link) listed, but anything older than March 2023 is not returning this field--or the data that I need to do my analysis.


If your Zoom registration reports are not returning source data, it's possible that the source tracking feature is not enabled for your account. Here's how to enable it:

Log in to your Zoom account and go to the "Account Settings" page.
In the "Account Profile" tab, scroll down to the "Advanced" section and click on "Add-Ons."
Scroll down to the "Source Tracking" add-on and make sure it is enabled. If not, click on "Enable" to turn it on.
Once the source tracking add-on is enabled, go to your webinar registration page and add a source tracking parameter to the end of the URL. The parameter should look like this: ?source=SOURCE_NAME. Replace SOURCE_NAME with the name of the source you want to track (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
When someone registers for your webinar through that URL, the source data will be recorded in the registration report.

I've been able to get the registration report to return the data for the March and April but no other months...