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Recording a Webinar with Sign language interpreters and multiple panelists


Zoom community - help!

We need to record a webinar that has multiple panellists speaking one at a time then all together as part of a larger Q&A session.

In addition to this - we need to have a sign language interpreter on screen and present for each and every panellist as they speak.

And THEN - we need to have the sign language interpreter stay on screen as we record the session.


I can do each of these steps individually - but not all together.


Please help.


How do I record the webinar, keep the interpreter on screen AND recorded the whole time AND have multiple panellists who will be contributing a various, different times?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @MableZoom –


There’s probably not a definitive answer to your question … but I’ll give you my opinion. 🤓


First of all, as the Host I always set the attendees view to Speaker.   Please take a look at this process I outlined for another user, including the Spotlighting feature: 

Once you have Speaker view set for attendees and understand the spotlighting process, understand that you can spotlight up to 9 people at a time (though I recommend no more than 4 most of the time). 

Manage the spotlighting with panelists and interpreter, which could be a little tricky at first, but after some practice, begins to come naturally.  I’ve been facilitating Zoom meetings and webinars over 2 years and it’s pretty natural at this point. 


Another option, if attendees are comfy with it: use the Live Transcript feature. See this Zoom Support article for more on that feature. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Did you figure this out @MableZoom or do you need further assistance?


Ray has pointed you into the right direction. 

The best way to do is record LOCALLY on a seperate device from your host device.  Then as the HOST keep the Interpreter spotlighted and add and remove spotlights for the speakers individually. 


On the local device ensure that you are in speaker view when you start the recording.

Interpretation = live translation by people for people
We specialise in organising and running events with interpretation.


Please be aware that Language Interpretation currently can *only* be recorded locally. The local computer must be switched to the language interpretation channel it is recording. In our organization, we find it error prone, and always try to have two separate people or devices recording each language interpretation channel. (We have up to 5 interpretation channels per event. So this is a management headache!)


Please request that Zoom add the feature to record language interpretation (at least audio) to the cloud.