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Recording a 2nd language when using the language interpretation option


We are hosting a bilingual event, using interpretation services. According to what I read, only the original language of the webinar can be recorded through zoom. Is there a way to have one of the panellists or another staff person log in and record the session in the 2nd language being translated? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

yes, log in with another computer and record locally


Building on Denise's answer - would add couple of cautions - 
- Since the computer recording locally is recording what it's hearing, it's important not to change anything after choosing the language to be recorded. I think it may be easy to think it's being done in the background - but no. What you hear is what is recorded.
- Maybe obvious for Zoom frequent users, but login on another computer also means login on another account. It's the most desired change for me that Zoom will cut off a connected device if another of the same type of device logs in on the same account.


Does anyone have any recommendations on how to record the audio of the interpretation locally?

If you choose the language to be recorded in the Language function, and then hit record, that language will be recorded on the computer.

if the account logged in is not the host, the host will need to give permission to record local files to that user. ( host clicks on 3 dots at user’s name in the list of participants to find the “give permission to record local files”)

When the meeting finishes, a dialogue will come up showing a conversion process happening. Can take some minutes depending on length of the meeting.

Does that help?